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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Savings is Key

Remember that you can use coupons to cut cost in areas(i.e. weekly groceries) so that you have more money to spend on items that may be more expensive(i.e. wedding costs). I think finding that balance is what can make or break a budget..Enjoy!


  1. how is the money saving going? I have been putting loose change into a piggy bank for a few years, and today i broke it open and was amazed - almost £200.

  2. I agree with Pippa, every little bit helps. Having goals and seeing what you can achieve really helps as well when you are trying to save. Keep up the good work on saving.

    Mrs. K
    Saving Money for a Wedding

  3. Balancing is hard with kids(wait til you have them ), but I look for BOGO sales and always use coupons. My kids know they wont be getting it if its not on sale.

  4. My savings have been going well this year since I started couponing. I enjoy your blog.