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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Movie Review: To Rent of Not To Rent

This week I got "She's Out of my Leaugue" from the library.

This movie is a little different from the typical boy meets girl movies. Kirk ( Jay Baruchel) is the average nice guy who is a TSA agent. He works with his friends and ex-girlfriend. His ex-girlfriend Marnie ( Lindsay Sloane) is now dating a new guy,Ron, and Marnie still hangs out with Kirk's whole family.

Molly (Alice Eve), a gorgeous blonde shows up late for her plane and Kirk helps her get through security and onto her flight on time. Molly discovers she left her phone at the TSA check in. She calls her phone and discovers Kirk has it. Molly asks Kirk to hold on to it until she is back in town.

Molly thanks Kirk by getting him tickets to a hockey game. Kirk has no idea Molly is actually interested in him until her friend tells him. Molly is a HARD 10 and Kirk is a 5.

Molly and Kirk get along great. Kirk doesn't try hard to impress her, he is just himself and that is what she likes about him.

There are some funny scenes, especially when Kirk brings Molly home to meet his parents and of course his ex is there with her boyfriend. Then Marnie wants to get Kirk back as her boyfriend.

Long story short the movie was entertaining, but stupid at times. It was pretty unrealistic. It would make a fun movie rental night with friends. Enjoy!


  1. we saw it last week, very funny!

  2. we saw this movie over the weekend- funny at points. worth the $1 rental it cost.