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Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday's Healthy Tip

Walking is a great exercise to keep your body moving and to stay in shape. In the past I would walk a half hour every other day, which was fine, but after a while it got boring. Here are some tips to keep you walking and enjoying your exercise.

1. Walk with a friend- Most of you are thinking a human next to you, but you can have a walking buddy on the phone. I would walk and make phone calls. Yup, killing two birds with one stone. Sometimes, I would keep walking an extra half hour as I was deep in conversation. If you have a dog, you have an instant buddy as well.

2. Keep a Schedule and keep track- Schedule walking into your daily routine, or every other day. On weekends, instead of walking outside, I would walk the malls. Another kill two birds with one stone! Keep track of how long and how far you walk, so you can set goals and build up your pace.

3. Rewards- After you hit your target, reward yourself. Maybe a nice massage( find a coupon for your favorite place). Working up for something will keep you motivated.



  1. I love to walk. We have a few mothers in the neighborhood and we walk in the afternoons with the kids. Good tip

  2. Your tips are great- I look forward to Mondays