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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding Cost: Music

This week I will break down the cost of music for your wedding.

The most important question here to determine your budget is if you want to hire a band or a DJ. A DJ will cost you about 1/10 of what a good band will cost.

A Band usually will range $600-$800 per piece. Most weddings have anywhere from a 7-10 piece band.

You can get a DJ for under $1,000 or if you know someone who DJ's, you might not even pay that much.

You also need to budget for music during your ceremony and cocktail hour. You can usually work out a package deal for the night.

If you are using a band, you should budget 15%-18% of your TOTAL budget for Music.



  1. We hired a 7 piece band. Cost $800 per piece for a Saturday night. Our BAND was worth every penny!!

  2. we hired a DJ , cost us under $1000 and he was great. We had an afternoon wedding- possibly would of had a Band if it was at night.

  3. I am searching now and making a decision. I think im going to hire a DJ due to cost, but I would like a band...decisions decisions.