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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bridal Magazines

Where can you go to read Bridal Magazines for FREE and have a fun afternoon?

You guessed it- Barnes and Nobles!!!
Look at all those magazines...The Bridal selection is great at my local store. I used to go all the time and read the new bridal magazines and would just buy the one or two that had pictures I needed. For example, a hairstyle or floral arrangement that I just loved and had to have the picture to show my hair dresser.
They have a nice area of benches and even a cafe at my store. I could sit for hours. It's also a great place to meet a friend and relax for hours...Enjoy!


  1. I do this often! I can't stand spending that crazy amount on a magazine. Funny thing is before I was engaged I would, but now that I'm engaged and we're paying for the wedding on our own I just browse through them! If I see a website or something I like i'll jot it down a sheet of paper! :)

  2. I love going to the bookstores. My best friend and I are both engages and we can sit for hours=)

  3. i used to sit at barnes and nobles for hours to study and just started going for fun. Nice bridal collection.