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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Movie Review: To Rent or Not to Rent

I finally finished The Good Witch trilogy. The series stars Catherine Bell as Cassandra Nightingale(I love her in Army Wives) and Chris Potter as Jake Russell.

The first movie was The Good Witch(2007). Cassandra is a mysterious women who moves into the haunted Grey House in town. Instantly the neighbors find her odd and the towns people do not like having her around. Cassandra opens a shop full of unique items in town. The only one who is not plotting against her is the town's police chief Jake and his two kids(Lori and Brandon). Jake is raising the children since their mother has died. Jake's father lives with him to help out as well. Throughout the movie you are questioning if Cassandra is a witch or not? I love her character and she has a great personality. She offers a nice love potion in her store which wins her fans.

The next movie was The Good Witch's Garden(2009). This was a great sequel and stars the same great cast. Cassandra is settled into her home and making a nice garden at the Grey House. She is dating Jake and his kids love her. Cassandra puts an ad in the paper to offer her home up like a Bed & Breakfast. She does get one taker. As you can guess, this is not the visitor she expected. He claims to be the rightful heir to the Grey House and takes her home from her. Jake's father is still helping around the home and finds love in this sequel from his gardening. Can Cassandra work her magic to get her home back?

The final movie in the series was The Good Witch's Gift(2010). Cassandra "Cassie" and Jake are planning their wedding and with Christmas only a few days away, they pick Christmas Eve to get married. This movie also brings back an un-welcomed visitor. There was a bank robbery many years ago and Jake put this man in jail. He is back in town as he got released for good behavior. Turns out Jake's son Brandon is dating this man's daughter. The money from the robbery has yet to be found. Cassie works her magic on this man and the city sees good in him. Get ready for a magical wedding where everything falls into place.

The Good Witch's Gift has this trilogy going out on top. Maybe we will see another one next year. We can only hope. I recommend watching all three of these movies in a row to get the full effect of the holiday season. You should be able to catch these three movies on the Hallmark channel all month long..Enjoy!

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  1. I only saw the last one and now set my DVR for the other two. I liked it.