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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Showers

I mentioned the bridal games I had planned for the bridal shower I attended last month here, but what really is the reasons behind having a shower?

Wedding showers were started to "shower" the couple with gifts. A shower should not be given by the bride or her immediate family(or the groom's), since it is almost like them asking for gifts. The best is if a close friend arranges the event. The hostess of the shower often works out all the details with the bride's mother. The brides mother or close friends usually contribute to the cost.

The best time to hold the bridal shower is 6 weeks to a month before the wedding.

Only people invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower. For example, don't have your mother invite your co-workers if they are not getting a formal invite to your wedding. Wedding costs add up for guests too, so keep the list short and have your closest friends and relatives. Showers are usually attended by in town guests, as out of town guests then need to fly back in town for the wedding a month later. Some do, but it is a great expense.

For guests that send gifts, but don't attend your shower, here is a good example of a Thank You note:

Dear Aunt Sally,

I'm sorry you weren't able to make the trip down to the bridal shower Aunt Betsy held for me. Thank you so much for the spice rack you sent. It will fit perfectly in our kitchen. We appreciate your thoughtfulness. Mike and I look forward to seeing you at our wedding in January.



  1. I am having my shower in two weeks and cant wait to see all my family.


  2. I had my shower the weekend prior to our wedding and it was perfect time for everyone in town.