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Friday, January 1, 2010

CVS Extra Care Card

CVS Extra Care Card

CVS Extra Care Bucks

As 2010 is here, I wanted to share more details and answer some questions about the CVS Extra Care program. If you are new to couponing- this should help explain some of the terms you hear and teach you how to score products for FREE.

Step 1- Get an Extra Care Card from the cashier at CVS. You need to fill out a short form and you will get your card instantly. It is a loyalty card that give you Extra Care Bucks (ECB=money to use for in store purchases). Every time you check out the cashier will scan your card first then you will see your savings. Purchases that give you ECB will print out on your receipt.
* Once you sign up with your email address, you will get a coupon for $4/$20 ($4 off your next $20 purchase).

Step 2- Check out the CVS weekly ad as well as the monthly coupon booklet before you head into the store. I like to plan ahead, as it is a lot easier to shop if you have your list and coupons organized.

Step 3- Start shopping. Some weeks CVS has 3 day specials where they have products FREE after ECBS. All you would need to do is buy the product (w/ cash out of pocket) , then you get the ECB back on your receipt. You can then use the ECB that just printed on your next purchase.

Here is how I organized my shopping trip for Sunday(1/3):

Transaction 1:
Buy GE Smartstart 1pk lightbulb for $2.99. Limit 1.
Use $1/1 printable coupon
=$1.99 Out of Pocket(OOP)

Transaction 2:
Buy V8 Splash or V8 100% Vegetable Juice 2/$6. Limit 1.
Use $1/2 printable coupon
Use your $2 ECB to pay (from transaction 1)= $3
GET BACK $1 ECB from buying 2 V8 products

Your ECB are valid for 1 month. So you have plenty of time to use them. If you don't need to buy anything else after your FREE GE Lightbulb, you can leave and save your ECB for another week when you see a good deal. My husband loves V8, and with the Coupon and ECB it is a good deal for me.

Things to remember:
1) You need your ExtraCare Card in order to receive and use your ECB as they are linked to your card.

2) As you walk into the store you will see a ExtraCare Coupon Machine where you can scan your card before you start shopping to get instant coupons. Some times you can get $xx/$xx coupons. ie. $5/$15 or $10/$50. These coupons usually expire within 2 weeks. Don't feel obligated to use them, if you were not already going to buy the product or spend $xx, then Don't.I wasn't planning on buying the Absolutely Divine Cookies or Gold Emblem products- I keep them in my coupon binder until they expire then I toss them.

3) ECB can not be used to pay for prescriptions, tobacco products, alcohol, stamps and gift cards.

4) You can use as many ECB in one transaction as you would like up until your purchase price. You can not have a negative balance. You will need to throw in a pack of gum or candy bar to make your purchase above $0. You also need to pay tax on all purchases!

Hope that solved some of your questions. Read more about the ExtraCare Card from CVS...Enjoy and Happy Shopping!


  1. Great post. I will pass this on to my friends who dont understand how I get all my freebies.

  2. Just started following your blog and am happy to see how to use the CVS card. I was always not clear on how to roll them from one transaction to another. Thanks for explaining and your examples are great. My husband drinks V8 also.


  3. I just finished cleaning out my coupon binder since i had tons of coupons that expired 12/31. Ill be getting the V8 deal too. And who couldn't use a free lightbulb. =)

  4. Just scored my freebies. Thanks!