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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday's Wedding Tip #30

Happy Thursday.

The wedding question of the day is:

Who should be in your wedding party?

This is a very tough question for many brides and grooms. Typically, brothers and sisters are on your list, but which friends do you choose? What about other relatives? Old best friends, new best friends?

This was a very hard choice for me as I didn't know where to start and how many people did I want in our party. Being an only child didn't help either, since I started from scratch. I had some great new friends that knew me and my husband, but only knew them for a year or so. Then I had some childhood "Best Friends" that growing up we always said we would be in each other weddings.

You can first start by deciding how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you were thinking about having. Yes, starting from a number helps. We opted for 3 of each. The more bridesmaids and groomsmen the more money out of your pocket as well as theirs. You see those wedding parties with 10 girls and 10 guys and you think first how could they have them many Best Friends and then, I wonder how much their flower bill was..hehe

Discuss between you and your husband who would be best suitable and who has the time/money as well. I have some great friends out of state from college that I would have loved to ask, but realistically, they live too far and I didn't want to put extra pressure on them having to come down for all the bridal events. Plane tickets add up fast.

When you do make your final decision on your wedding party, ask each individually to make it more meaningful. It is an honor to be in a wedding party. You are choosing these people to stand next to you on your most important day.

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  1. we decided on 2 each and only had our siblings and cousins. I didnt want to have to choose which close friends. Very hard decisions.

  2. I was so surprised how many people asked me if they were going to be in my wedding party. Its such a hard decision and extra stress is not needed. 3 sounds like a great number.