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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday's Wedding Tip #31

This week sure went fast since most of us had off on Monday. This week's wedding tip is on how to choose you perfect wedding colors!

As easy as this sounds, choosing you wedding colors(theme) is one of the harder decisions the bride has to make. Think about how much revolves around your color scheme. Dresses, invitations, flowers, and favors just to name a few.

This decision is very easy is you have an absolute favorite color, but only a small percentage of brides actually have their color scheme picked before they even get the ring. Even if you decide on Pink, do you know how many shades of pink there are? And you most always need another color to blend it. Pink/Black…Pink/White..Pink/Green?

So how does one choose? First, depending on what season you are getting married will narrow down your choices. Orange and greens are great for Fall Weddings. White and Black for Winter and Blue is great in the summer.

You also want to take your skin tone into effect. If all you girls/guys are pale- it is best not to put them into Pale Colors. I have also heard red is not great for lighter skin, but a darker Pink is.

Think about the guys when making your decision. Does you guy mind wearing a pink tie? My husband was fine with my Pink color choice, but then we did Silver for the guy's vest and ties. Our florist then did White flowers for the guys and it looked stunning!

Have you picked your colors yet..How did you choose your perfect blend? Enjoy!


  1. It took me forever to pick our wedding colors. We started with tiffany blue and damask because it was so trendy at the time. The I decided I didn't want our wedding to be that trendy. So, I changed to tiffany blue and pink. Then, it ended up being blush pink, sage green, and champagne and I'm absolutely in love!

  2. Great post. I am choosing my wedding colors now and it is becoming a big process. I can't decide on pink or orange for my November wedding, and I need to decide FAST for my girls to start dress shopping.

  3. I was someone who had TWO possible color schemes in mind when my fiance proposed. I thought red and black or blue and yellow. Thankfully he chose red and black, and my MOH (getting married two weeks before us) is using the blue and yellow! David even chose our accent color (gold) because then we are using the music fraternity's colors... at least all the guys are excited to come!

  4. I didn't choose mine by season at all...I'm having orange in March =). I'm not like "promoting" a blog on here (I am not in any way affiliated with this blog...), but theperfectpalette.blogspot.com helped me a lot!

  5. we are having an all black and white wedding. My florist is using all white flowers. We just say a sample centerpiece and I was blown away.

  6. I want to have a yellow (with maybe splashes of orange and lime) "You are my Sunshine" themed wedding... Around Easter...