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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday's Wedding Tip #32

Happy Thursday and Wedding Tip Day. If you missed last week's wedding tip on choosing your perfect wedding colors, check it out here.

Since I have been speaking about wedding invitations lately, I thought it was very appropriate to discuss the proper way to stuff and send your invitations.

Here is what I had for my invitations:
The envelope
Response card w/ envelope
Direction card

Speaking of the response card, it is best to number the back of each card just in case one of your guest forgets to write their name. You don't want to get your card back and it says " 2 will attend"- well which two people? How can you figure it out? On the upper right hand corner of the back of the response cards, I wrote lightly in pencil a number. I took my list of invitations from the calligrapher and then went one by one and numbered my sheet, then numbered the response cards. I added stamps to the envelopes of the response cards prior to stuffing the invitations.

Now how to stuff your invitations! I had my mother, father, husband (fiancee at the time) and myself sit around the table and we each had a job.

I was in charge of the order and checking that each address back from the calligrapher matched the address I had on my list. Then I passed the envelope to my mother who stuffed the invitations with the Invitation on bottom, then response and direction card. Then it was passed to my husband to make sure each envelope was stuffed with all 3 pieces( invitation, response and direction card) and he put on the stamp. Finally, my dad was in charge of sealing each envelope- this is actually the hardest job. Make sure you use a glue stick (We went through 3).

After, my mother and I accounted for each envelope and double checked that each envelope had a stamp.

We made an afternoon of it. I did not allow any food or drinks near our table AT ALL. They had to go in another room and wash their hands before they came back to the table. I was not a bridezilla, I was just being a bride! Do you have any other practical ways to stuff invitations? I would love to hear them. Enjoy!


  1. I had my bridal party help me. I was also crazy about no food or drinks. We had wine, but only after we finished.

  2. Great idea w/ numbering the backs. Never thought of that. I just got engaged, so havent set our date yet, but I am enjoying reading your weekly tips.