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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Game Night

What better way to spend a Saturday night then with a group of friends. We were looking for a cheap way to get together- and Game Night it was. We all brought a different game. We got together at my friend Pamela's house and there were 6 couples. We ended up ordering Pizza and the host made a salad and had some snacks.

Here's a bunch of the games we played:
Monopoly- we didn't get a chance to play this one
Wii- The host had this and we had so much fun bowling, the men ended the night playing Rock Band

Taboo was my favorite and we played women vs. men. Of course the women won- but it was so much fun. It's great watching men scream out crazy answers. Have you ever played?

The key is to just let loose and have fun. The more the merrier, but having too many people can get out of hand also.

Have you started a Game Night with your friends? My friend sent out an evite. Send your own Game Night evite here! Enjoy!

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