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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wedding Centerpieces

Traditionally, the centerpieces at wedding receptions are elaborate floral arrangements. Over the last few years brides have been creating their own visions of the perfect centerpiece. All brides want their wedding to be as memorable as possible. Budgeting is a big factor these days, as prices are rising. Some of the most elegant, unusual and unforgettable decorations can exist even on a budget.

No two weddings are the same - so it stands to reason centerpieces should be unprecedented. Many weddings have a theme which calls for a truly unique centerpiece. Do you know the three most common items used in a centerpiece? Flowers, candles and vases. The decorations at the center of your guests’ tables deserve careful attention.

One common style I like uses a large glass bowl, filled with water dyed in shades of your wedding colors. You can float candles inside which will add a romantic touch. Another option would be to fill the bowls with colored glass pebbles, which you could buy in most craft stores. Match the colors to your wedding, and you could place flowers inside.

Here are a few more budget friendly secrets I have seen:

-Take glass bowls and fill each with water. Add a drop of food coloring to coordinate with your colors, and float several tea lights in each bowl.

-A pair of tall candles in holders looks striking, especially when you put some flowers around.

-If you are using cut flowers for the reception centerpiece, you can purchase vases at the dollar store. They have some great finds. Just remember if you find a vase you like- buy them up, because most likely they wont be there next time.

-Arrange picture frames with pictures of the couple on each table.

-Place a single large basket in the center of each table. Fill the basket with the guests' favors and tie a nice bow on the basket to match your color scheme.

-Seeing Double These Days-

You can cut down on the overall costs of the reception by having your centerpieces serve double duty: as favors, other decorations, or part of the meal.

-If you have enough bridesmaids’ bouquets, place one on each table after the ceremony. If not, you could line the sweetheart table with the bouquets.

-If you plan on serving wine at the reception, arrange a bottle of wine for each table in a basket.

-If you plan on giving out favors to guests, arrange these in the center of the table in lieu of a centerpiece.

-Need to save on photographer costs- buy disposable cameras and place a bunch on each table.

And my favorite idea: (which I have seen) Rather than one large wedding cake, have the baker make a cake for each table. Your guests will love all the choices for dessert and you got some great centerpieces.

Remember when choosing centerpieces, select those that go along with your color scheme and the theme of your wedding. Be creative and your vision will come true. If you have some extra time check out all the wonderful centerpieces and flower ideas on Brides.com. Enjoy!


  1. At my sisters wedding she had beta fish as the centerpieces, and the kids were allowed to take them home. Her wedding was in Aug so we shopped garage sales for different bowls to use. And My Mom worked at a pet store so my sister went in a worked a deal with the owner to get her fish wholesale. :)

  2. The only problem with putting disposable cameras on the tables, is that it can get expensive! Depending on how many tables you have and how many you put at each table. The $$ can really rack up!