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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Decorating Idea

On Saturday, I found this adorable Monogrammed "K" glass jar @ Ross for only $8.99!!

So then I was thinking, what should I put in it to spice it up. I stopped into Michael's craft yesterday to pick up some scrapbook stuff. While I was there, I found these River Rocks ($2.49 a bag). There was a 2 day Columbus Day coupon for 60% off a bag. Making each River Rock bag only $1. I decided to pick up 4 bags.

Look at the final product..
Have you done any crafty projects lately on a budget? I would love to know..Enjoy!


  1. I did a poster board of pictures of my kids for our hallway last month!

    You did a great job and what a great deal. Which I could find that jar.

  2. nice job- love your finds. I saw the Michael's ad yesterday- they had a 50% off coupon as well.

  3. Very cool! First off, I never go to a store without coupons (I also ask neighbors for their's if they aren't going to use them), and always check out the clearance section! Also, I split things with mom and sometimes a friend if we both want it, but don't want to spend the price.

  4. That is very cute. I am afraid I haven't done anything terribly crafty lately. I'm currently working on an antique milk bottle my father-in-law gave me when we were in PA. I am hoping to slowly fill it up with some sea glass.

  5. I love this! I have never seen a monogrammed container like that one. It looks like its more expensive. BTW you can also fill it with colored sand, sea shells or even a combination of the two, as well as jelly beans but tht may entice you LOL

  6. Love it- now if only I could find that jar...