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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Wedding Tip #20

I am so happy it is Thursday already and I have some family coming in town this weekend =)

And now for your wedding tip of the day. Wedding tip #20 is all about tipping etiquette. Who do you tip and how much? This is a really tough question as depending on where you have your wedding it makes all the difference.

Traditional wedding custom is to tip a wedding supplier if you think that they did a great job or provided you with outstanding service. Tipping should be based on the quality of service provided in the months leading up to your wedding as well as the day of. If you get married at a Country Club (which I did), where they give you a "free" bridal consultant/ day of help, then you would base your tip on all that they helped you plan. By tipping them you are letting them know that you are happy with the service they provided you with prior to and/or on your wedding day.

Wedding tips are commonly overlooked when couples set up their wedding budget. Tipping is an additional cost which you should calculate before hand so that you ensure that you have money allocated. You are not obligated to tip extra, as most vendors already include a certain percentage. Look in your contacts for terms such as "service fee", as this is usually where they add a little extra. My florist had a 15% service fee aka TIP. I still gave her a small tip at the end of the night since she did an AMAZING job, but I didn't feel obligated.

The best tip you could provide your vendors is a recommendation of them to others. I also sent all my vendors PERSONAL Thank You's with Pictures!

Next week I will get into more detail on tipping (as there is A LOT to cover). If you have any specific questions for me or have any advice, please leave a comment or feel free to email me: couponsrgreat1@gmail.com.

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  1. Great post- what about the band- do I have to tip each person? The restaurant I am having our wedding at already puts a 20% tip- so I am assuming that's all I have to pay?

  2. I think tips are usually included in the price- since everything is so expensive.

  3. I agress that most tips are included- I mean you can give extra- but most vendors hav service charges to cover the tips for their employees.